Keep track of your allowance everywhere you go and add awesome things you want to save for. This little piggy is a virtual piggy bank just for you. Oink, oink, ka-ching!

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Your Own Virtual Piggy Bank

Want a cool pair of skates? How about that new video game? PiggyBot helps you manage your allowance, so you can be a Goal Getter!

Use what you've learned about spending, saving, and sharing here on MoneyIsland to reach your goals faster. Keep track in PiggyBot, then show Mom and Dad when it's time to go get your skates.

Plus, no brothers or sisters allowed! You set up your own secret code so you can keep everyone out of your account.

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A Note For Parents

You don't have to worry about any security issues, since the app isn't in any way linked to your financial accounts. Instead of cash, your kids have a virtual balance with you. Think of it as an IOU.

PiggyBot helps you teach smart spending, sharing, and saving habits. It's a free app and is currently available for iOS devices only.

Ask a parent to help you download the free app!

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