Partnering with Financial Institutions

A Good Cause That Is Also Great Business

MoneyIsland makes financial literacy accessible to everyone. Kids love MoneyIsland. Parents love the valuable, lifelong lessons their kids learn. You'll love the parent loyalty and community outreach MoneyIsland creates for your community financial institution.

Lead Your Community to Financial Literacy

Parents and teachers have expressed an overwhelming desire for equip children with a financial education, but they report little success in providing it. That's where your institution comes in.

MoneyIsland bridges this gap in meaningful ways. Families benefit from the proven educational content while your reputation in the community grows.

Benefits to Your Financial Institution

MoneyIsland can offer:

  • Deeper engagement with existing account holders or members.
  • Positive exposure to desirable new relationships.
  • Excellent community outreach and public relations as you demonstrate the importance of financial literacy within your community.
  • Partnerships with local schools and organizations.
  • Contribution toward service and investment credit for the Community Reinvestment Act.

Direct Engagement with Your Institution

Your financial institution is built into the MoneyIsland world:

  • Custom website and marketing branding reflecting MoneyIsland as a true annex to your institution.
  • Game includes a virtual branch with your logo, where kids learn to make appropriate deposits and withdrawals.
  • Accompanying Boarding Pass includes your branding and registration instructions for using your program.
  • MoneyIsland is now on the iPad ® for better versatility and utilization.