MoneyIsland Is Great for the Classroom,
After-school Programs, or at Home

MoneyIsland can be used in a classroom or anywhere with an internet connection including at home or after-school program. Each student has cool Islander name (username) and password that follows him/her to access an individual account. The child's information from each game-play session, whether is is on a desktop computer or iPad ® , is saved for future visits back to their island adventure.

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you can keep track of your players' progress using the parent-teacher admin tool, which allows you to easily access quiz scores, last login time, and other information.

Don't have easy access to an internet connection? No problem. Your sponsoring financial institution may provide the offline Manifest or Manifest, Jr. which are optional workbook-based programs that share the important lessons found in MoneyIsland.

Helpful Tools and Resources

Moms, dads, and teachers have a ton on their plates without teaching financial literacy, most parents and teachers feel short on time or feel ill-equipped to present lessons in the best fashion. For that reason MoneyIsland is designed as a complete plug-and-play experience.

Using the Parent-Teacher Admin Tool

By logging into the adult account on MoneyIsland, parents and teachers have access to an administrative tool that allows them to manage accounts, track progress, and access educational content.

Within the Account Info section, as the adult, you will be able to easily set up and remove individual accounts that are linked under you.

The Progress Report page provides detail regarding the progress of individual players and a grade book feature that lists and compares results for all the children/students. In the individualized view, you may track his/her completion status for each step in each level on the way to saving Stone Broke. You may also view the child's last log-in time and total time spent playing. The "All" view lets you compare the quiz results and overall progress for multiple children at once. It also functions as a grade book to easily monitor the progress of an entire group.

After a child completes MoneyIsland by saving Stone Broke, real-life rewards are built into the program. This demonstrates to children that there is tangible benefits to becoming financially literate. These rewards are elected and provided by the sponsoring local community financial institution that is hosting your particular MoneyIsland adventure. Thus, the Rewards page allows you to keep track of whether a child or student has successfully achieved the reward being offered by the sponsoring financial institution. Through this tab, you may print each child's MoneyIsland Reward Certificate. This certificate acts as proof of completion to be redeemed at the sponsoring financial institution.

The Curriculum tab provides a summary of the content and tasks associated with each level of MoneyIsland. You may download lesson plans associated with each quest or view the quiz questions and videos with which the children interact during their experience.

Using the Passport

The sponsoring financial institution may also provide MoneyIsland Passports. This mini-workbook, with accompanying set of stickers, is intended to supplement the online experience by furthering the level of engagement. Children learn where to place the stickers in the book while playing the game. They are also asked to record important terms and concepts learned through their experience. If the Passports are available, they should be issued to children before they commence playing MoneyIsland.

Using the Manifest or Manifest, Jr.

If provided by your sponsoring financial institution, the Manifest and Manifest, Jr. enable a child to have a financial literacy program completely offline. This can be super helpful if a classroom, home, or group has limited access to computers or an internet connection.

These workbooks contain in-depth lessons, sharing themes from the MoneyIsland adventure, challenging the child to apply their growing financial knowledge through various thought-provoking exercises. Due to the depth of learning within the Manifests, they are best implemented with an engaged parent or teacher.

Using MoneyIsland Lesson Plans

In addition to the segmented lesson plans found in the Admin Tool, one of the best classroom tools of MoneyIsland is that your sponsoring financial institution will provide you an electronic version of the Teachers Guide. This guide helps teachers to reduce the time spent putting lesson plans, homework, or pre- and post-assessments together. All these needed resources are prepared and laid out for easy implementation.

Twelve lessons plans that can be used in conjunction with MoneyIsland are included in this guide. These lesson plans may introduce or extend the financial concepts discussed in the game. They are not a direct translation of the educational game, which is intended to be a stand-alone tool. If using in a classroom, we suggest spending classroom time on the lesson plans, while encouraging students to complete the online experience outside the classroom or at home.

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