MoneyIsland™ on iPad

Professor Financial Ed here, and we here on the Island have noticed that more of you are using the iPad in school and at home. I am excited to announce we now have an iPad version of MoneyIsland available in the App Store! Now whether you are in your living room or at your desk at school, you can make the journey to MoneyIsland and become a Financial Guru with the convenience of your iPad!

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Getting Started For Parents and Teachers:

(For instructions on signing up as a kid, scroll down!)

Parents and Teachers must register, create kid accounts, and administer on a desktop/laptop (it is super easy!), and then kids can play all of MoneyIsland on their iPad.

Registering as a Parent/Teacher (from a laptop or desktop):

  • Go to your sponsored MoneyIsland website and click the "PLAY" button.
  • Click on "JOIN AS ADULT" and enter the access code provided by your MoneyIsland sponsor.
  • Enter the required information, choose a password reminder, how many kids you plan on registering (no worries if you aren't sure, it doesn't have to be exact!), and some other basic info, then choose your difficulty level (choose intermediate for kids under 11, and advanced for kids 11 and over).

You are now registered with MoneyIsland (told you it was easy!). Your username and password will appear in a pop-out box. Once you close this box, you will be taken straight to the student registration section.

Registering your students/children with MoneyIsland:

Your parent/teacher account information is on the left side of the screen. Here is how you add kids:

  • In the "CHILD INFO" section, enter the student's name (pro tip: use first name and last initial to help avoid duplicates)
  • Hit enter. This will generate a "JOIN AS KID CODE", which you can write down for the student. This information will be included when you EXPORT ALL DATA.
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 until all your students are registered.

Your registration process is now complete. Your kids can now get started playing MoneyIsland on their iPad!

Once you finish registering your students or children, you can click on the "EXPORT ALL DATA" button to generate a spreadsheet that contains all your children's information (first name, Islander name, password, last login, etc) (some people really like spreadsheets, we do not judge).

Getting Started For Kids:

  • Download the MoneyIsland app from the App Store (it is totally FREE!!)
  • Open the MoneyIsland app on your iPad.
  • If you are logging in to MoneyIsland for the first time, click on "JOIN AS KID" and enter your Kid Code. Then you will select an Islander Name, create a password, and select a financial guru to accompany you in your quest to save Stone Broke.
  • If you have already begun playing MoneyIsland, just click on "PLAY" and enter your Islander Name and Password to continue your quest!
  • It's that easy! Now go save Stone Broke!
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