Making Money Make Sense

In a world where kids are exposed to video games at an early age, MoneyIsland™ engages them by blending fun, gaming, and play with an educational experience.

Sponsored through community banks and credit unions, MoneyIsland uses interactive games, videos, and quizzes to teach financial skills. There are even additional tools and tips for parents and teachers to increase engagement and understanding as children progress through the adventure. Heck, adults can even play along with their students or children — sharing in the mission to save Stone Broke, while the kids acquire skills to live financially healthy lives.

What Is the MoneyIsland Program?

The MoneyIsland program is an instructive, entertaining online experience and offline curriculum for tweens, which educates students in three key areas — saving and spending, earning and investing and using credit wisely — while building math skills. Boys and girls embark on intriguing adventures to exotic destinations, transforming into financial gurus along the way. Parents and teachers also have access to an administrator panel to track progress and enhance the learning experience.

Broken into six main quests including destinations like the Sphinx and the Eiffel Tower, the lessons instilled will serve children throughout their financial life. The curriculum is aligned with the national standards published by the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, at grade levels 4 and 8.

MoneyIsland keeps financial principles in the forefront, and keeps things fun. Children will learn financial responsibility and decision-making skills. Lively characters within the game keep kids on track, reinforce each lesson, introduce each step and interact with them, providing hints and guidance when needed.